The Technology


Formicobio Technology is an environmentally Sustainable Technology to be used for production of Ethanol along with other plate form chemicals and power and is designed to comply with the principles of social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Cellulosic ethanol technology – formicobio™

formicobio™ represents the most sustainable technology for the production of non-food cellulosic bioethanol.

formicobio™ technology enables production of transportation fuel from agricultural residues both profitably and sustainably. A biorefinery based on formicobio™ technology meets the three key aspects of sustainability – environmental, economic, and social – and can convert residues into a range of products. Our unique formicobio™ technology can process a variety of non-food biomass generated as agricultural by-products, including wheat straw, corn stalks, reeds, bagasse, and residue from palm oil production.

Figure: CO2 emissions of biofuels Source: Renewable Fuel Standard Program (RFS2) Regulatory Impact Analysis. United States Environmental Protection Agency

formicobio™ is an energy self-sufficient, effluent-free, low-carbon third-generation (3G) biorefining technology that offers excellent profitability through its ability to convert residual raw materials into valuable products.

  • refines high purity Non-Food cellulosic fuel ethanol
  • effluent-free low carbon technology
    • no need for use of food
    • no smell and waste of sulfur
    • no fossil fuels need
  • new chemistry makes selective fractionation possible
    • overcomes the technical problems faced currently in industry
    • consumes less chemicals and generates its own energy
    • high conversion to ethanol with low enzyme use
    • biochemicals as byproduct


>>formicobio™ – The future is non-food cellulosic ethanol